・We'll push back the sale of new pedal "ABRACADABLA" until late March.
・We decided to discontinue the production of some products.
Please check here to get the detail information.

ABRACADABRA【Release date: Late March】

This product will be released late March.

Abracadabra is a rad compact reverb pedal that have 8 selactable modes.

Mode Chart
Exotic Oct Up
Exotic 5th
Oct Up + Vib
Shimmer  + 5th + Vib
Inf + Cho + Oct Up
Inf + Cho + Oct Dn
Error Delay
SH + Noise
・The color of the "Mode Knob" changes by the current mode.

・Dimentions: 52mm(W) x 93mm(D) x 49mm(H)
・Input Impedance: 1MΩ
・Power Source: 9V DC(Center Minus)
・Current Draw: 60mA