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MATRYOSHKA is a compact yet powerful bass synth pedal that has 8 selectable modes. 

This pedal detect your input pitch and envelope and produce fat synth sound.

This pedal can output 2 types of synth sounds simultaneously.
out1: Normal synth sound that has deeper tone than "out2".
out2: FX synth sounds that changes the sound by "Mode knob".
Levels of these synth sounds can be controlled separately then you can make various sounds while keeping deep bass tone. 
Further, you can mix clean sound then you can make unison phrases.

The octave mix knob (between the same octave as direct sound and one octave lower) can make more deep synth tone.

The tone of "out2" is flatter than "out1" then by adjusting these levels, you can make not too fat tone that suitable for the electric guitar too.

Mode Chart
Vibrato(ctrl: Rate)
LFO(ctrl: Rate)
Distortion(ctrl: Gain)※1
Bit Crush(ctrl: Bit Rate)
Pitch Shift(ctrl: -4th, Detune, 5th, OctUp)
Arpeggiator(ctrl: Rate)※2
Filter Sample&Hold(ctrl: Rate)
Aliaser Sample&Hold(ctrl: Rate)
・The color of the "Mode Knob" changes by the current mode.
※1: In this mode, the out1 tone is darker than other modes to much the out2 tone.
※2: In this mode, the out1 tone is brighter than other modes to much the out2 tone.


・Dimentions: 52mm(W) x 93mm(D) x 49mm(H)
・Input Impedance: 1MΩ
・Power Source: 9V DC(Center Minus)
・Current Draw: 60mA